Do you have a studio?

No, I currently do not. I am a natural light photographer and most of my sessions take place on location or outdoors.


Do you use watermarks?

No. Because of this, I ask that all clients tag me on social media!


Do you shoot destination weddings?

My favorite! With this, I ask that flight(s) and board be covered. I'm not an expensive gal, but do have requirements...do not need the most expensive! An extra day is required before wedding, event or session to be rested and scout location beforehand and the day after such. If I choose to stay longer, that will be my responsibility to cover. Please keep in mind of such event time(s) and transportation! Please contact me for further information!


Does it cost extra to incorporate a second shooter?

Yes, it does. It is important that they be compensated for their time and talent!


Why is the 50% fee non-refundable?

This is important, because it shows your seriousness in hiring me as your photographer and so that if you cancel i’m not out of a job. If you have booked a session that means that I have scheduled you for that time and not another client.


What happens if I (as the photographer) have to cancel?

If an act of God were to take place, such as tornado, weather...I am not obligated to be present. If such was to happen I would be incontact. I am not a “no-show” person. (If that were to be, something must have happened!)  If there is a family emergency (my family takes first!), hospitalizations, or accidents, I will refund everything, along with try and find another photographer in same price range (not liable to find such). I do not take my job lightly and set high standards for myself to follow. So note when you book me, you will be getting my utmost!


What happens if you (as the client) cancel?

If you cancel, the booking fee is non-refundable. I understand that things take place, especially with kiddos! If this were to happen please contact me, as we may be able to work something out! If you are late or a no-show, I am not required or held responsible for loss of session and again, the booking fee is non-refundable. If you would like to book another session, another booking fee will be required, unless we have worked something out and it is in a written form. Please, please contact me with no hesitation if something happens. Communication is key!

How to ensure date as booked?

I have a first come, first serve policy! If you inquire about a date but do not put down booking fee I am not required to hold spots and therefore will give it to paying clients. I will give a courtesy call, email, some form of communication, and if I do not hear back in a timely manner, the date will be given to another client. (This gesture is not required and will not be held responsible if I make an executive decision to go with other client!)


How many photos will I receive?

This will very from session to session, time frame, and participation.


Can I (as the client) receive RAW images?

This is something that I do not give. As a photographer and artist, the time that I take to edit and process is something you pay for and differentiates me as such. I promise that I give you nothing but the best!


Why does it cost so much to take pictures? I mean, it's just point and shoot!

This is something we as photographers hear so often! For me, photography is not just pointing and taking a picture. It is capture something precious and beautifully priceless. It's a form of art. Along with this, I have invested into equipment and programs. As a business format, this is means of providing for my family, paying taxes, and the general cost of being an entrepreneur! This is something that is truly a love and passion!


Once I receive photos through my free online gallery, how will I receive prints?

I currently do not do prints, but give a print release form. This allows you the freedom  to print when and wherever you desire! (With this privilege, if you as the client choose to use print source outside suggestion, I will not be responsible for poor prints.) **Sources will be posted soon!**


What if you (as the client) prefer to forgo the free online gallery and want photos on a thumb drive?

Not all love the thought of having to download the photos. No worries. If this is you an additional fee of $50 + mailing cost/ travel cost if applied to deliver, will be charged for such.

What are some tips for a photoshoot?

Here are a few tips for your photoshoot!


Do I refuse service?

This is something that I ask you not to take personal. I love each and everyone, but do know my style and my brand (therefore will say no when needed). With that said, we may not be a  perfect match to work together. If able to, but not required, I will suggest another photographer to best suit your needs!